New OEM CanBus GATEWAY with MKE DAS OPS 7N0907530BC


  • Manufacturer: VAG
  • Guarantee: 12 Months
  • Shipping time: 4 Day EU
  • Weight: 200.00 gram

NEW Original VW CanBus Highline GATEWAY  7N0907530BC AM AN AE AD AJ with Fatigue MKE DAS OPS function

successor: 1K0907530AE - 1K0907530AD - 7N0907530 - 7N0907530C

- The CAN-Bus-GATEWAY upgrade is required if you have RNS510-RNS310-RNS315-RCD510 unit and you have  functioning issues such as: "battery drain"

€ 79

€ 69

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